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make me bleed

Dark/Spooky Nickname: saint euchrid

Location and why it sucks/rocks: san diego, CA. it sucks because "the scene" is comprised of angry 15 year olds and sex-crazed over 21's who think goth is about bondage..

Age: 21

Age you act: old enough to know what's what.

If you were to kill someone....
Weapon of choice? einstuerzende neubauten turned up to 11, muthafuckah!!!11oneone. it will either kill or convert. both outcomes are acceptable.
Theme Music? uhh...
who would it be? mall goths.
where? somewhere they can't escape from.

Why do your parents suck? they don't suck, actually. they encourage me in my ...whatever it is that i am.

Why do your teachers suck? i was homeschooled my entire life, so i just answered this above.

Why are you way radder than everyone else? because i have a fields of the nephilim tattoo.

Where do you shop? omgz hawt topik iz da bomb. i kan bi all kindz of goffik vinyl clothz and bondag pantz der. no. i shop exclusivly at thrift stores because 1) i'm poor. 2) that's where the 12 dollar leather pants and 5 dollar doc martens are.

Do you own striped Socks? who doesn't?

White foundation yes/no? do i look like a mime?

Opinion on Pop Culture: it's intresting. i pay close attention to it, but i don't actually enjoy it much pesonally. it's also intresting how it tries to edge in on my territory with it's crap like slipknot and evenessance. it actually makes me pretty mad when people try to pass that dreck off a goth.

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