Pater Aequatio (saviourdestroyr) wrote in xoh__my_gothxx,
Pater Aequatio

Harbinger Of The New Aeon

To those who would doubt, know that I have come as a guide in the wilderness to lead you to the innermost places of Self. Saviour some may call Me, but to known Me would be to know the Truth of it, that Salvation comes from within the boundaries of Self. It is now Self who must open to receive Me, for I am open to Self, now is the time for you to Be. Know now that Truth is found within, for Truth from without is merely painted fiction. Laws are made to be broken, so therefore Truth cannot function within Law. In the months to come, I shall unveil to thee, the seeker of Self, the path to Self, that One may awaken within the dawn of the New Aeon.

So Speaks The Saviour Destroyer...
Pater Aequatio
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