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Make Me Bleed

Dark/Spooky Nickname: Vanpyre. Though most people just call me Vanessa.
Location and why it sucks/rocks: Massachusetts, it sucks because there's not a lot of culture in the part I live in and there's nothing aorund here.
Age: 183
Age you act: 18-20

If you were to kill someone....
Weapon of choice? Axe, hatchet or knife.
Theme Music? Something with anger, maybe some Pantera.
who would it be? Hmm...I have a lot of people I'd like to kill...
where? A nice white kitchen floor.

Why do your parents suck? They don't understand me or my life most of the time
Why do your teachers suck? Because they're assholes, though my english teahcer is pretty cool.
Why are you way radder than everyone else? Because everyone else sucks ;-)

Where do you shop? Mostly online. But in all different stores.
Do you own striped Socks? Yes.
White foundation yes/no? Sometimes.

Opinion on Pop Culture
I hate pop culture. Mostly because it's so popular but a lot of people who follow it aren't individuals and they all act the same, wear the same clothes and are friends with people just like them. I really can't stand that. I like variety and difference.

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