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Make Me Fucking Bleed

Dark/Spooky Nickname: Mistress Death
Location and why it sucks/rocks: California I'm surrounded by pathetic, weak, idiotic mortals, but I guess I would get that anywhere I go.
Age you act: Somewhere around 25

If you were to kill someone....
Weapon of choice? My bare hands
Theme Music? Well if you imagine it being played back it would all be in slow motion and have happy country style music playing just to make it look creepy. Like in House of 1000 corpeses when the girls dad and the cop get killed.
who would it be? Anyone I hate.
where? Somewhere secluded so I could do my work in peace. Then I would leave their body where their friends and family could find it lifeless and mangled.

Why do your parents suck? Because they are closed minded and weak.
Why do your teachers suck? Because they are closed minded and weak.
Why are you way radder than everyone else? Because other people are mere mortals. They are all close minded weak little sheep awaiting their slaughter.

Where do you shop? Hot Topic and thrift stores
Do you own striped Socks? Yes
White foundation yes/no? Yes

Opinion on Pop Culture: Fuck it all.

Mistress Death
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