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Make Me Bleed

Dark/Spooky Nickname: Nekura
Location and why it sucks/rocks: Montgomery, Alabama. The place royally blows b/c there is NO nightlife here. Hell, there's no life period. Everything closes at 10:00 on a Friday night, so if you wanna do ANYTHING, you have to go to either Atlanta or Birmingham.
Age: Seventeen
Age you act: I vary. I have my days of acting like my fifteen year old little sister, but I have times when I can be so damned condescending and act a bit too old. I prefer to think I've adopted the maturity of my closest comrades, most of which are 20-24.... how is this question relevant again?

If you were to kill someone....
Weapon of choice? Machete, Katana, Straight Razors.... Somethimg sharp, slow, and sadistic.
Theme Music? MSI - Faggot, wumpscut - Christfuck, Decoded Feedback - Phoenix (Defcode Club Remix)
who would it be? *shrugs* Stephanie, for being a royal twat bubble who thinks that Iced Earth and Pantera are 'goff', so if you don't like them, then YOUR the poser.... or Dillon, just for being a redneck.
where? Somewhere that I can attract attention. I wanna make it a public execution.... Did I mention I'm a huge attention-whore?

Why do your parents suck? *shrugs* Mom's gotten kinda cool lately, but she's a drama queen. Hell, she's letting me and Dylan move in together, and she's supporting my marriage... so I can't bitch too much.
Why do your teachers suck? B/c Gill failed 75% of the Juniors last year after acting like a 6 year old Marvel fan all year.
Why are you way radder than everyone else? B/c I'm a bitch and damned proud of it... Either that, or the fact that I'm at least MILDLY intelligent and don't act like a fuckwit all the goddamned time. Oh, and I dress better than you do. *scoff*

Where do you shop? Thrift stores,,,, and yes, I do shop at Hot Topic on the occassion. AFter all, it's local, and I can mess around with their stuff to come up with something a bit more interesting... oh, and let's not forget Little Five Points in Atlanta.
Do you own striped Socks? I think I did when I was fourteen, but I haven't seen them since like, August of 2001 when this picture was taken.
White foundation yes/no? No, it looks way to fake. Now, I have been known to use foundation a little paler than myself for nighttime wear. Makes you look quite porcelain when you put light powder on top of it. But I prefer using incredibly dramatic make up.... I wear pale foundation and black lipstick, but usually for a reason...

Opinion on Pop Culture
Pop Culture can be defined as several different things...
If you're referring to it as the Britney Spears kind of pop culture, then I think it's an incredibly shallow, uneducated, selfish, stuck up group of prostitots that would rather wear a pink miniskirt than culture themselves. I think they're airheaded, and you can't possibly enjoy conversation with them.
If you're referring to pop-culture as what's popular among a generation, Then I think it defines us. Yes, let's face facts, the 'goth movement' has been exposed, and now, we're an attraction for the kindergoths. But, we have to appreciate that now, we're not always called satanists, and our clothes/hair/makeup won't deny getting us a job. Our music is easier to find (thanks to Sam, FYE now carried Cruxshadows, wumpscut, and haujobb). I will say, however, that I would much rather it be the elitist culture it started as, but Hot Topic and Torrid have assured us that we will never again have that kind of aristocracy.

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