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make me bleed

New here. hi :D

Dark/Spooky Nickname:Messed Up Princess
Location and why it sucks/rocks: South Wales uk, it sucks coz its eather to fecking cold or to hot, theres nothing to do and no where to go.
Age: 17
Age you act: depends what mood im in

If you were to kill someone....
Weapon of choice? hands
Theme Music? Ill Nino
who would it be? most/ALL emo kids at the moment
where? where ever they stand in my way or breath my air.

Why do your parents suck?Dad sucks coz he up and left me and mybro and moved to spain mother sucks coz shes an alcaholic
Why do your teachers suck? because there jumped up and prissy and stuck inthere own "im better than everybody" world
Why are you way radder than everyone else? Im not affrid to be unique and diffrent and myself, i dont follow the rest of the world

Where do you shop? anywhere really, i like to buy things and make it my own
Do you own striped Socks? yeah a few pairs
White foundation yes/no? no

Opinion on Pop Culture
i believe that it should be tucked away in to a corner away from the world we dont put our bands every place like pop is so why should we stand there music ???

My 3 worst pictures but i only have a small amount of photos...

have a nicer black and white version of this on my journal

my yummy corset inthis pic but you cant really see it :( and my hair looking slightly emo ekk

no make up very plain for once
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