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Make Me Bleed

Dark/Spooky Nickname: Frankensteena
Location and why it sucks/rocks:I live in Texas and it sucks cuz its Texas
Age: 17
Age you act: I tend to act older (or so I am told)

If you were to kill someone....
Weapon of choice? Knife
Theme Music? Don't You Want Me-Human League
who would it be? Marilyn Manson
where? Backstage at His Concert

Why do your parents suck? They don't suck
Why do your teachers suck? Cuz they are stupid close minded Whores
Why are you way radder than everyone else? Cuz I am a fashion whore!

Where do you shop? Thrift stores, or I make my own clothes
Do you own striped Socks? sometimes
White foundation yes/no? Nope

Opinion on Pop Culture... Sometimes it sucks but sometimes I love it, I can just say it was way better in the 80's!




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